Spectrum Addict: LOAD “FILM 2”. Coming soon. 🙂
If you check across the internetty thingy, there should be a couple of competitions to win DVDs of the first film, especially at LORD A*SE. 🙂

At PLAY Expo in Blackpool I had the massively entertaining experience of interviewing Simon Butler, who worked for Imagine Software and Ocean Software (amongst many others, his CV is extraordinary!) where we discussed the beginnings of the industry, Simon’s work as an artist over the past 25 or so years, his thoughts on piracy and software/hardware developments, and the future of the industry. Simon was a gent, and the interview a great addition to the film. Thank you Mr Butler!

Simon2 Simon1Simon3


Centre for Computing History in Cambridge

Spectrum Addict visited the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge where we were happily looked after by the affable and charming Jason Fitzpatrick. Jason also agreed to be interviewed for the film about his early Spectrum experiences, and about the museum in general. A great comedian, Jason was a fun and entertaining interviewee, and is a great addition to the Spectrum Addict line-up!! Then we spent a while filming in the museum itself, which I can’t recommend enough – get your ass down to Cambridge and check out some computing history… your kids (including adult kids) will love it!


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Had a great time meeting and interviewing ZX Spectrum industry veteran Jas Austin down in that there big smoke, London. Jas came to prominence as an early game developer at AUTOMATA UK, one of the Spectrum’s pioneering publishing houses and run by the enigmatic Mel Croucher. Jas worked on early titles such as Pi-Balled and Pi-In ‘Ere, before progressing to gorgeous 2000AD licenses Nemesis the Warlock and Slaine, and other famous notables W.A.R., Tarzan, The Fury, The Planets, Altered Beast and of course, the brilliant and much-loved Rex, starring a Rhino-Sapiens. This was an extremely fun interview (as were all of them!), and Jas is nothing but a consummate professional and gentleman! Thank you Mr Austin for your time!

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Rich Stevenson Interview for Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict

Had a blast interviewing Rich Stevenson the other afternoon. I particularly enjoyed his openness and honesty, Rich started as a bedroom coder and he hit lucky with Short’s Fuse for Firebird Software (thanks to his dad, long story, it’s in the film), and from that point Rich accelerated as a developer working on many Spectrum titles… notable Spec games include Pub Games which hit No 1 in the bestseller charts, BMX Ninja, Cricket Captain, Matalyx, Dynamix, Double Dare, Dead or Alive, Popeye 2, Wrestle Crazy (Popeye 3) and Bangers & Mash. In the film Rich gives us some exclusive stories and insights into the Spectrum games industry of the day. Thank you Mr Stevenson!

Rich Stevenson (1) Rich Stevenson (3)Rich Stevenson (2) Rich Stevenson (4)

Spectrum Addict Press Release

April 2016

It is with great pleasure I’d like to announce FIVE new amazing interview additions to the Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict movie.

Rick Dickinson. Rick is only the flippin’ engineer who designed the ZX80, ZX81 and – of course – the ZX Spectrum. You want to know why the Speccy was black, not white? Why the space key was not a bar? Why the keys were rubber and the top case aluminium? All will be revealed!

Stephen Crow, seminal author of Wizard’s Lair, Starquake and Firelord – Stephen has kindly agreed to be interviewed for the film!

Bo Jangeborg. Many will know Bo as the author of The Artist and The Artist II, an amazing utility that allowed so many people to create their own graphical masterpieces. Others will know Bo as the author of Fairlight and Fairlight II, published by The Edge, awesome 3D isometric adventure puzzle games which wowed fans and press alike. Bo has kindly agreed to be interviewed for Spectrum Addict.

Rich Stevenson. Rich came to prominence with the Firebird title Short’s Fuse, and then went on to become one of the Spectrum’s most prolific developers! Highlights include Dotty, Popeye 2, Bangers & Mash, Pub Games, Dead or Alive, BMX Ninja and Wrestle Crazy.


Do you remember laughing so hard you puked?

That would be Fergus McNeill, humorist and adventure programmer who penned not only Bored of the Rings, The Boggit, Robin of Sherlock and The Big Sleaze, but was entrusted with the Terry Pratchett Discworld license The Colour of Magic and made a damn good job of it. Hail Sir McNeill!! etc etc.

Press Release_April 2016_2000

Oliver Twins Interview – Had an amazing time being “spoilt” in The Oliver Twins’ “Dungeon”!! They were extremely friendly and enthusiastic, and the interview ranged from all things Spectrum to….. oooh well you’ll have to wait for the film Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict.

For those not in the know, Philip and Andrew Oliver progressed from writing amazing games like Dizzy, Treasure Island Dizzy, Super Robin Hood and Grand Prix Simulator to setting up Interactive Studios/Blitz Game Studios and then setting up Radiant Worlds, now responsible for the awesome SKYSAGA (

From small acorns…….

The interview was a blast, and adds more superb depth to the Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict film.

Thank you, Philip and Andrew!

Oliver Twins Interview_Feb2016 (8) Oliver Twins Interview_Feb2016 (4)Oliver Twins Interview_Feb2016 (2) Oliver Twins Interview_Feb2016 (7) Oliver Twins Interview_Feb2016 (3) Oliver Twins Interview_Feb2016 (1)

Had a great time interviewing Jon Hare, co-founder of Sensible Software, for my Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict movie. Do you want to know about the origins of Twister, Wizball, Wizkid, Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer? Want to know Jon’s thoughts about Cannon Fodder on the Spectrum? Want to know if Rem kicked Jon’s ass on the latest build of Jon’s new Sociable Soccer? Well you’ll need to order the film then…. 🙂

It was a sunny cold winter’s day as I popped down to Jon Hare’s house for an ultimate fanboy moment. Yes, I was a fan of Wizball and Wizkid, but – wow. This man designed Cannon Fodder! And Sensible Soccer! All will be revealed in Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict, due for its premiere around the end of August 2016, and which can be preordered by clicking the image to the right.

And yes, Jon did win 4-1 on the new Sociable Soccer. He looked suitably gutted when I scored, though, ha ha ha!!!!! (evil cackle).

JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (10)

JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (5) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (1) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (6) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (2) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (7) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (3) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (8) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (4) JonHareInterview_Feb2016 (9)