Rich Stevenson

Spectrum Addict: LOAD “FILM 2”. Coming soon. 🙂
If you check across the internetty thingy, there should be a couple of competitions to win DVDs of the first film, especially at LORD A*SE. 🙂

Rich Stevenson Interview for Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict

Had a blast interviewing Rich Stevenson the other afternoon. I particularly enjoyed his openness and honesty, Rich started as a bedroom coder and he hit lucky with Short’s Fuse for Firebird Software (thanks to his dad, long story, it’s in the film), and from that point Rich accelerated as a developer working on many Spectrum titles… notable Spec games include Pub Games which hit No 1 in the bestseller charts, BMX Ninja, Cricket Captain, Matalyx, Dynamix, Double Dare, Dead or Alive, Popeye 2, Wrestle Crazy (Popeye 3) and Bangers & Mash. In the film Rich gives us some exclusive stories and insights into the Spectrum games industry of the day. Thank you Mr Stevenson!

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